Family Business School have been on a mission to train and provide valuable financial, investing, governance and wealth education to wealthy families, high net worth individuals and private investors in Latin America (LATAM) and Miami. We are pioneers in providing educational and networking opportunities to the founders, shareholders, heirs and next generation of family-owned businesses and private investors. We also serve family office managers, private bankers, wealth advisors, portfolio managers, attorneys, trustees, estate planning advisors, C-Suite, board members and Head Hunters.


We conduct  programs, forums and workshops related to:


  • Private Wealth Management

  • Family and Corporate Governance

  • Private Equity and Capital Markets

  • Leadership

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Venture Capital

  • C-suite Level

  • E-Learning Programs 


We conduct workshops, forums and programs in Miami, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru. These sessions are based on the best practices and trends identified by the Family Business School from our work  and assessments with families and financial advisors both in Latin America and internationally.


Natalie Klein
Brazilian fashion entrepreneur, shareholder of Via Varejo and NK Stores

"FBS Program in Miami provided a much broader view of what our assets are and an understanding of the need to diversify even more than we did before. Now I have a much better idea of how institutions and banks approach managing private wealth. I’m more prepared and I talk at a different level - I know what to ask."

Rafael Escalante
Director of Batis Corporation Family Office Services, Mexico City

"Family Governance program was great in terms of faculty, and I especially benefited from a full-day devoted to communication skills, where we explored the differences in communication styles and emotional intelligence.  I strongly recommend that module, it was very well executed. The faculty in Miami did a great job of putting a Latin American perspective into the family governance program.”

Alexandra Kafie
Knowledge is Wealth, Honduras, operating in Central America & USA

"I highly recommend the program in Miami to any and all family industries who want to learn how to protect and ensure their family’s wealth.”

Daniela Ramos
CEO of Ecuador-based AlcazarHold S.A., the family holding company and a third-generation family member

“Aside from the useful concepts and real-life examples provided in the course, the possibility of meeting people from all over the region who are facing similar issues is fantastic!  The networking itself pays for the course.  I would definitely recommend these programs to members of family groups and wealth managers like myself.”

Jorge Carstensen
Head of Wealth Management, Helvetica 1890 Family Wealth

"I’ve already recommended the program in Miami and will continue to do so. It’s a must-attend program for high and ultra-high net-worth families to gain a holistic view of their assets that would enable them to hold their advisors more accountable.”


Wealth Management Program 2020

November 23, 24 and 25 - 2020

Wealth Management will assist you to improve yours capabilities that can help you ensure the assets of your clients continue to grow. Faculty's market experience brings objective insights on the latest trends in investments, asset allocation and risk management.

Participants will expand their network, hearing from peers on best practices and trends within the industry. They’ll also gain technical expertise in key investment and financial performance tools, such as manager evaluation, asset allocation, risk management and compliance.


Who Should Attend

  • Ultra and HNWI

  • Family Office Professional

  • Private Investors

  • Wealth Advisors, Financial Advisor, Financial Broker, Financial Consultant, Private Bankers, Portfolio Managers, CIO's.

  • Investment Advisor, Investment Broker

  • Private Client Advisor






  • Family Governance Programs​

  • Corporate Governance Programs

  • Private Wealth Management Programs

  • Family Office Management Programs

  • M&A and Private Equity Programs

  • In Company Programs

  • Succession Planning Workshops

  • C-Suite, Advisory Board and Board of Directors Services

  • Private Equity Programs

  • Mentoring, Coaching, Sparring and Counseling

  • Estate Planning Workshops

  • Workshops for the Next Generation of Heirs

  • Wealth Management Coaching

  • Design and Establishment of Single Office and Multi-Family Offices

  • Customized Training

  • E-Learning Programs


  • Family Office Conferences

  • Private Wealth Management Conferences

  • Family Business Conferences

  • C-Suite Conferences

  • CEO's Forums

  • Investments Opportunities Forums





Our platform offers benefits for families, family offices, private investors, wealth advisors,

advisors in general and C- Suite Executives. 


Join to the LATAM and MIAMI's largest, most robust network of Private Investors, C-Suite Executives, Family Office Professionals and Advisors.


Who Should Join?

  • Private Investors

  • Owners of a Family Business

  • Wealth Advisors

  • Families Business

  • Family Office Professionals

  • Other Advisors and Experts 

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Board Members



Miami and Panama - Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forums LATAM -2019, 2018 and 2017

Brazil - Congressos Nacionais de Empresas Familiares, Family Office e Gestão de Patrimônio - 2016-2017 and 2018

Brazil - Brazilian National Congress of Family Business and Family Office 2009- 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014 and 2015

Chile - Family Office Conferences 



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